Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Can't Disagree With This

Santorum at his last town-hall meeting:

"We felt that this was what we were called to do, to go out and speak and lay out a vision for this country, a vision that wasn't just about taxes and spending, wasn't just about growth. Yes, it's about all those things and, as you know if you've been to my town hall meetings, I talk a lot about those things. But it's also about what is at the core of our country, the values of this country. It's about faith and family."

You can't have one without the other.  Prosperity cannot exist--for long--where either moral foundations or familial foundations do not exist. 

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Jim said...

So singles, orphans, atheists, etc. should move to another country?

Anonymous said...

Coming from an incumbent US Senator beaten by 18 points by a nobody campaigning in his son's combat boots, I agree with him on faith. He'll need a LOT of it to make it to South Carolina.