Monday, December 12, 2011

"Voting Rights" Becomes the Narrative

For the time being, "voting rights" will be the narrative.

You might have noticed that in the last couple of weeks, the LeftOWackies have been dropping combox broadsides on the topic of 'voter rights'.  (Here, for example.)  Most of them have been centered on the "there's no fraud", or "there's so little fraud that it's irrelevant" line.  Since a well-executed fraud, by definition, is impossible to find (much less prove), those lines are horse-crap.

It seems that the 'voting-rights' campaign was organized, and hardly limited to Wisconsin.

I wrote yesterday about the lightly-attended march in New York, ostensibly on behalf of voting rights, which was sponsored by a broad coalition of left-wing groups and was addressed by several Democratic politicians. While the number of participants was small, the affair had all the signs of a semi-official Democratic Party initiative. Sure enough: Nation magazine notes that Eric Holder will deliver a “major speech on voting rights” tomorrow,...

All just coincidence, of course.  /sarcasm


Jim said...

This is a topic of interest to me, but YOUR point escapes me. Can you clarify?

Dad29 said...

Not really. It should be obvious: the most corrupt AG in US history is about to launch a campaign against imaginary "voter suppression."

Jim said...

I thought Janet Reno was the most corrupt AG of all time. What exactly has Holder done that is corrupt?

Imaginary voter suppression? That's a hoot. Voter fraud is real and set to steal our democracy but voter suppression is "imaginary".

Horse pucky.