Monday, December 12, 2011

"Und You VILL Sell the Kill-Pill, Geh'rstehe?"

Just in case you haven't stocked up with ammo, contrary to my continuing advice, another item from the Statist file.

Plan B morning after "contraceptive" may work, according to its label, by preventing implantation of a nascent human being.

Currently, it is perfectly legal to manufacture, prescribe, and sell this pill, and the prospects of outlawing this pill are nearly zero at the moment. If a health-insurance plan chooses to cover this pill, that coverage is eligible for federal subsidies. Further, the Obama administration has now decided that every new health insurance plan must cover this pill and all other contraceptives. Compounding this favor, all large employers are required to provide health insurance, and thus to cover this pill. And even further, it is illegal for an insurance plan to even require a $5 a co-pay for this pill.

(Although FDA's appointed monkeys wanted to put these goodies next to the Kleenex and zit-creams in pharmacies nationwide, Obozo's Sibelius--normally a reliable ally of the baby-killer crowd--nixed the deal.  There's a re-election at stake.)

But not to worry.  Washington State has its own mechanism.

Turns out that some pharmacists are allowed to sell or not sell what they believe they morally can sell or not sell....[and as a result]...the liberal abortion-industry-funded governor is cracking down on those family-run pharmacy business that don't buckle to the state's official morality. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is arguing a suit against this attempt to impose elite values on those who disagree

The Governor out there used all the usual devices to get the rule in place:  fired appointees who didn't buckle, threatened lawsuits..the usual crap. 

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