Monday, December 12, 2011

There's More to the Multiple-Signature Petition Story

This link hints at it.

Can't find the video now, but another reporter got inside the (D) petition headquarters operation and showed a whole lot of data-entry going on.

The (D) boyzzzz are building their database from the recall petitions, which is why they say that 'multiple signatures will not be part of the [final] story.'  They're cleaning the list as it comes in.

That doesn't mean that it shouldn't be checked by pro-Walker folks.


capper said...

Mmm. And what do you think the Republicans do when you sign a nomination paper for them?

By golly, I think you just uncovered basic politicking! You're so smart.

Dad29 said...

Dunno what Pubbies do. But they prolly don't drool all over the papers and blame Walker for it.