Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jeff Montoya, Chapter Three

Some of you recall our discussion of Jeffrey Montoya.  The combox was full that day....

Well, he's gone on to bigger things.  He's a Bish in the UAC.

Don't ask me what the UAC is.  Go to their website and figure it out yourself.

Give up?

Yah.  So did I.

Best line from his bio:

"....he worked as the Ecumenical Campus Minister and Director of Multicultural Relations at Cardinal Stritch University and the Director of Vocations and Lay Formation for the Society of the Catholic Apostate (Pallottines) – Mother of God Province"

Yah, that red adjective is telling, alright. 

Frankly, I'm very happy that he went UAC.  It's one less thing that Abp. Listecki has to worry about.  After all, he still has Fr. Q. Heck.

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GOR said...

Yes, another Catholic Apostate... I guess 'advancement' wasn't fast enough in the True Church.

January 2009 - left the Catholic Church

July 2009 - 'ordained' a deacon

October 2009 - 'ordained' a priest

October 2011 - 'consecrated' a bishop

Wow! Does UAC have a 'Pope'? Probably not. Too bad - he could probably have made that by Spring 2012.

Bearing out Chesterton's words about apostates - they don't believe nothing, they believe anything!