Monday, December 05, 2011

HR 3012 and Immigration Reform

Here we go again.

HR 3012 is an immigration-reform bill which would eliminate per-country quota caps.  It passed the House.

Sen. Grassley has put a hold on it.  Sens. Schumer, Chaffetz and Rubio, along with Rep. Lee, intend to "educate" Grassley about the horrific, cataclysmic, crisis that will occur if the bill doesn't pass.

(Not to worry--there will be no crisis--but ya' know, this is far more important than cutting SPENDING or something.)

Prof. Norm Matloff has a sensible suggestion:  fix the "prevailing wage" loopholes in the current system.  Grassley introduced a bill which would define "prevailing wage" as the 50th percentile for a given job definition.  The AFL-CIO prefers 75th percentile, and (apparently) Schumer, Rubio, and Chafetz don't want to repair the wage thing at all.  Who needs American workers?

Like Obozo said, they're lazy and stupid.  /sarcasm

(Source:  Norm Matloff email)

Matloff's web-page is here:


Jim said...

they're lazy and stupid

The President never said that nor anything like that.

Dad29 said...

He famously said that 'we've become lazy' and who could forget the 'bible-clingers' with its implication of semi-literacy?