Sunday, December 04, 2011

Your SmartPhone Tracks You. Why?

You've read or heard about Carrier IQ software installed in smartphones.  Among other things, it's a key-logger, and it reports back to Mama on demand.

So how'd it get in there?

Carrier IQ people say "Not US, man!!  WE didn't write that sorta stuff!!"

My money's on the network providers. 

Far more important than that sweet mystery is this:  how does one turn this crap OFF?

HT:  RenMan


Billiam said...

go to the app store and download Voodoo simple CarrierIQ detector for free. That will tell you if it's on your phone. It's not on mine. Then again, I have a 3G Casio G'zOne Commando. It's an older phone. For removal, I'd check Cnet.

SR of IT said...

From an ~27 year IT veteran:

There is NEVER one "fix all".

Do it yourself to make sure it is done right.

Put some time and work into your privacy, safety, and security.

Google/study the following:

...for any Apple product running iOS: jailbreak the telephone.

...for any Android product and any other product: root the telephone.

Both processes give access as ADMINISTRATOR to the ROOT level of the software that runs the phone.

From there, find and DELETE the software YOURSELF...TRUST NO ONE AND NO APP AND NO ONE APP.

How to properly eradicate any nefarious software will ALWAYS depend upon what telephone you own/use.

When you use any pre-written app, you have no idea what any app you use is actually "doing", i.e., "cleaning" on the one hand while adding more nefarious malware on the other.

Using any third party app limits you to "cleaning" whatever that third party app "cleans" and, without actually viewing the app code yourself, you have no idea what else that app is doing to your telephone. If there are other "versions" of CarrierIQ software, they may not be eradicated by any one app. Also, any app may be deleting one thing while adding another.

There is not not not NEVER EVER one simple "do-all" fix app.

The answer is "to take matters into your own hands" and, like your other computer devices, become ADMINISTRATOR of the software of your telephone.

Like always, "you have to do both your job and everyone else's job for them" if you want anything done right.

Billiam...there is not one "do all" "cleanup" app for this.

Depending upon the telephone, this CarrierIQ shit may also be embedded into the actual telephone firmware of the telephone that is endemic to running the telephone.

Once again, jailbreak or root your own telephone and do it all yourself.

If you want to USE high technology, educate yourself on high technology. If you don't educate yourself, you deserve everything you get...THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE NEFARIOUS IT FOLK, COMPANIES, AND HACKERS SEE IT.

And, by the by, EVERY carrier is nefarious...ATT, Sprint, Verizon, doesn't matter. They are smarter, richer, and more educated in this stuff than you. They, like lawyers and the government, are a complete necessary evil.

Again, if you don't educate yourself, you deserve everything you get.

There are many experts that will jailbreak or root your telephone for you and educate you on what to do. To find some of these, start with craigslist under any technology link(s):
for instance, for Milwaukee:
in any search box, use the keyword(s), "jailbreak" and/or "root":
milwaukee craigsllist general search for jailbreak
milwaukee craigslist - cell phones ... here use keyword search for jailbreak or root
milwaukee craigslist - computer ... here use keyword search for jailbreak or root