Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do You Have a Right to Property? Do You?

Hayward tries to help the Republicans.  Maybe they'll get it.

The Obama 2012 campaign will be a profoundly moralistic enterprise.

... It doesn’t matter if the things Obama has done didn’t work, or even – as in the case of ObamaCare – achieved exactly the opposite results from what Obama promised.  We are morally obliged to follow such policies in the interest of “fairness,” “compassion,” and so forth, even when their failure is obvious.

Capitalism is the practical expression of liberty.  Without private ownership of capital, all other expressions are merely indulgences permitted by the government.  We understand instinctively that the suppression of free speech indicates a dangerous lack of respect for individuals by the State, but we have been conditioned to forget that a lack of respect for property is at least as disturbing.  Once property is gone, speech is not very difficult for the State to control, or ignore.

And yes, there is a moral right to property.  See, e.g., the 7th Commandment forbidding theft.

The Wisconsin imbroglio happens to be a reflection of this battle.  Ironically, the Public-Employee Unions, having been deprived of what they consider to be their property (tax funds) are fighting like Hell to recover them. 

See, it's just fine for them to take several hundred million dollars from Joe, Sue, and Sam.  But when Joe, Sue, and Sam refuse to pay that much for services--well, that's STEALING from the PEU's.


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