Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Romney? Seriously?

A certain AM program director ought to look at Santorum if he wants conservative principles and proven leadership.

This "Romney will make nice with Congress" line is weak tea, indeed--but it's all they've got.

Along with $10 grand, I suppose.

Meantime, Coulter ought to lay off the meds a bit. Or perhaps get out of New York City.


J. Strupp said...

A neocon who wastes his time hammering on gay people and the theory of evolution? That's what we need dadster: a guy who will focus on divisive politics irrelavant to the actual problems this country faces.

Maybe we can pray away the gay AND unemployment at the same time when he gets elected?

Dad29 said...

No, Strupp--you have it backwards.

The Left is wasting our time re-defining marriage and blatting about their 'theories' of whatever. They also waste a great deal of OUR money on their wet dreams.

You're right that there are serious issues. Gays are not one of them.

J. Strupp said...

Hey look, these issues are definately brought forward and focused on by many on the left, but they always end being down the priority list once it’s time to deliver. Hell, the Obama administration and Dems. in Congress couldn't even get Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed up until recently, which should have been a slam dunk years ago.

There's NO doubt in my mind that we'll have a Santorum administration putting the "values" debate front and center if he's elected President. Remember the Santorum amendment? Our education system has real problems, yet this clown wants to make sure we teach our kids the possibility that the Earth is only 12,000 year old and our ancestors walked around with the dinosaurs? That's where this guy's head is at and it ain't big picture.

P.S. And you can bet your life on another thing if this guy run’s the show: We'll be back pissing away money and American lives in the Middle East. Neocon's can't help themselves. The Jews will talk him into it. That’s a lock.