Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mommy NTSB

This is a State, not Federal, issue.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended a nationwide ban on driver use of personal electronic devices Tuesday, following its investigation into a deadly accident last year in Missouri.

Since there is no National Police Force (yet), they'll do this the usual way:  threaten the several States with zero budget assistance if the States do not bend over and enjoy it. 

Of course, that means that the several States will simply force their own citizens to bend over and enjoy it, too.

Nice, eh?


Deekaman said...

They should then also ban the following while driving:

Talking with a passenger
Smacking the unruly kids in the backseat.
CD players


Amy said...

Applying makeup

Aquinas said...

Driving. Too distracting...
Besides, haven't they got a stash somewhere that'll be used for building trains to take us everywhere???

Art said...

Maybe walking and chewing gum is too difficult for our masters at the NTSB, but as in all things, moderation is the key. On a clear open interstate highway in the country where the inattention would have to continue uninterrupted for several seconds for a bad outcome to occur, there rules go too far.

In a crowded urban freeway at rush hour where even at reduced speed, a 1/2 second lapse in focus could create a bad outcome drivers should spend more of their alertness on the road by reducing or eliminating calls. The new distractions are not any worse than the old ones, just new and so the nanny state wants to fix them. As there are not enough cops on the entire planet to enforce this just in Chicago, they will go about trying to get FCC to ban moving cell phones from working for at least texting and possibly for voice as well except 911.
It really is time to make some of these nanny state agencies declare victory over the supposed boogy men they were set up to defeat and go out of business or downsize mission in a major way.

TerryN said...

Um, what about the increase in inattentive driving incidents in areas that banned cell phone usage? Wanna text where there's a ban? Hold the phone closer to the floormat to avoid being seen.