Monday, December 19, 2011

The BRAIN Act: Not So Bright

Another year, another Congress working to eradicate STEM-educated American citizens. 

(That's right:  the education establishment wants to educate more of 'em, and Congress is fixated on making sure they don't get jobs.)

If the BRAIN Act or its cousin does become law, I believe that future economic historians will point to this legislation as a cause of a permanent decline in American tech superiority.  The tech field, already suffering
from an oversupply of labor, will become so overcrowded that the Yogi Berra "That restaurant is so crowded that nobody goes there anymore" phenomenon will take hold.  Research has shown that when a profession
is severely overscribed, the first workers to bail out are the most talented (because they have so many other good options).  We'll be left with a very mediocre tech workforce, whether domestic or foreign-origin,
because wages will be suppressed to such low levels.  --Norm Matloff

You don't have to take Matloff's word for it.  Find a study from Tony Carnevale of Georgetown regarding engineering.  And the "study" which supports this brain-less proposal from Ms. Zavodny?  A correlation/causation nightmare, according to Matloff.  (The 2003 and current studies have similar flaws.)


Saint Revolution said...

SSDD...same shit(heads), different day.

What does our corrupt government want from India and China THIS TIME?
Defensive posturing?
Cut-rate lending rates?
Debt forgiveness?

Whatever it is, like usual, they need to sell Americans down the river to get it.

WE THE PEOPLE elect these pricks to work FOR us.

How the fuck is any of this beneficial to WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

Not the hadjis.

Not the sand niggers.

Not the chincs.


Let us translate all of this information down to the final ROOT CAUSE (uh oh, a tech term!):

Company A:
(whiney, with tears) We can't find any workers in an environment of close to 25% real unemployment rate.

(whiney, with tears) We can't find any American workers under 30 who are willing to work for peanuts.

Don't forget.

We have multi-million dollar salary bonus pension perk remuneration obligatiions to our execupricks who deserve 500x what the average UNEMPLOYED worker USED to make.

(in Porky Pig voice) Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh woe is us.....

Don't worry, unemployed tech worker...everything will turn out alright for you.

Your uninterested friends and family in your network will help you find work.

Networking with all your useless former co-workers who couldn't care less about helping you will net you another position (of complete despair and desperation).

Get a good education and everything will be alright in an environment of complete Wall Street corruption, main street fraud, and government horror. It doesn't matter that trillions of your retirement dollars have vaporized into thin air since the mid 90s nor does it matter that the value of what little investments you have left hasn't appreciated one thin red dime in the last ~12 years.

Don't worry, little tech worker.

Now please step aside. That hadji that smells like raw sewage wants to start his new American IT career.

Maybe Waste Management is looking for people like you.

Don't worry, unemployed tech worker. Everything will be alright...

For other cliches, visit our web page careers link or contact InHuman Retards to be treated like dog shit.

(in whiney Porky Pig voice) Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

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Saint Revolution said...
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Anonymous said...

The success of industries is not measured by the number of people they employ or their nationality, but by how much they are able to produce and their profitability. That's how economic historians study industries.

More highly skilled immigrants will help those industries succeed. If Americans are not up to working with and competing with foreigners, then they should go into other industries and lines of works. That's how capitalism works, get used to it if you want to live in a free and prosperous country.

Dad29 said...

St R, clean up the language a bit, please.

Dad29 said...

Anony, are you able to read for meaning, or are you some sort of dead-head moron?

The US produces excellent STEM graduates. We compete very well, indeed.

No reason to kill off US-native STEM graduate rates for the sake of some "economizing."

Some day, you might examine a P&L and learn that MATERIALS is the predominant cost in any manufactured item.

Anonymous said...

More fully-employed highly skilled US citizens will help legitimate industries succeed.

More cheap, pliant guest-workers with flexible ethics are reducing the security of and respect for our rights and liberties and dragging down the US economy from the dead-weight of all of the bright, creative, industrious, knowledgeable, experienced US citizen STEM professionals who are unemployed and under-employed.

Even former cross-border bodyshopper Vivek Wadhwa had to admit that, by every measure, US citizen STEM workers are the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, our resident expert nutjob St. Revolution giving us his racist diatribe, per usual.


Saint Revolution said...

Oh, snap.

Considering we haven't heard from one of our resident turds for a while, I thought for sure De-praved had been hit by a car or some other such good fortune for us.

But, alas, no such God-willing fate yet.

However, as we can always be assured, as per usual, a De-praved poop response that conveys nothing, means even less, and absolutely nobody could give a flying f**k about.

De-praved: anything meaningful to add? We'll wait...and wait...and wait...and wait...

We're waiting, toilet-texter...
We're waiting, bowel-movement blogger...

Both your mouth and pen need a good bidet a good frog and accomodate...


To: Anonymous 12/19/2011 9:29 AM

"...the success of industries is not measured by the number of people they employ or their nationality, but by how much they are able to produce and their profitability. That's how economic historians study industries...":
How the hell do you know?! Back up your ridiculous opine with links to REAL facts. You write it so it's so?!

"...more highly skilled immigrants will help those industries succeed...":
It is completely obvious you have conducted no research nor have any experience RE: what you author. Again, no one gives a SHIT about your opinion...back this up with real FACTS and STATISTICS.

"...if Americans are not up to working with and competing with foreigners, then they should go into other industries and lines of works...":
Do you have ANY IDEA how many genius IQ American IT and STEM workers are long-term unemployed, you prick?! How the hell do you know what ANY American IT or STEM worker is "up to" doing or considering?! Again, inundated in complete ignorance...

"...that's how capitalism works, get used to it if you want to live in a free and prosperous country..."
Oh, is that how it works...Economics Ignoramus?!

Do you have any REAL idea of the true definition of capitalism? I didn't know that America has obtained the complete unobtainable...pure allow brain-farted short-circuits like you to spew quarter truths and babble bullshit.

Your complete lack of any real knowledge, research, and/or experience in this subject and topic and area is astoundingly obvious in your "oh-so-painful-to-read" bullshit opinion.

Gimme some REAL FACTS AND TRUTH. You have NO IDEA of what you pen about....

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you DO care what other people think, St. Revolution, for if David was not worthy of answering, why did you feel compelled to respond? Like a peacock, you puff yourself real big when your feathers are ruffled.

No, you are a charlatan, a dangerous man who claims to love God and country, who vows to protect our sacred Constitution, but it is clear in your words your true intentions.

Praying for someone's death is the ULTIMATE sin in the eyes of the Lord. He knows your "truth"!

Saint Revolution said...

To: AnonyPussy 12/21/2011 11:37 PM:


More religious bullshit in surround sound quadrophenia!!!

Catatonic morons on all sides...closing in.

Blah blah blah...look at me...I'm prayin' for your death...ooooooo I'm so scared.

(Sing to the tune of, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

Pray pray pray for death,
Prayin' for your death,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Prayin' for your death!

Who the hell is Charlie Tan?! Don't you mean Charlie Chan?!

If you do, signify by braying, "aaahhhhh tho"!

We proud struttin' peacocks struttin' on you dung beetles.

Look at me...I'm a la fa...N..B..C!

Don Knotts in, "The Ghost And Mr. Chicken":
"...let me clarify this...":

Anonymous said...

Wind up St. Revolution and watch him go. Scary or sad, I can't tell. Regardless, praying for someone's death is NOT reflective of the message espoused by Jesus. So you can spin it all you want, but you are an (unbalanced) charlatan.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: The Anonymous Wonder 12/22/2011 10:15 PM:

The Protestant-esque Proselytizer strikes again.

The only thing non-reflective around here is your image in a mirror.

You actually think you're going straight to Heaven, don't you?

Yes, you are.

You're the first in the history of the world to ACTUALLY remove all those pesky eye planks.

Good for you. Yes, good for you. OH...good for you.

Oh, there's Jesus waiting for you with open arms...

Oh joy, oh Rapture...

MY GOD! How much better than me you are! Yes, you are! BELIEVE IT!!!

Gee, I wish I were you.

Then everything would be alright.

Yes, everything would be alright.

What a super wonderful human being you are...

No, really. WHO is Charlie Tan?!

("Pray pray pray for death,
Prayin' for your death,.......")

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Anonymous said...

Hey, St. Revolution, read Romans 2:1

You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.