Monday, December 19, 2011

Can Sen. Ron Johnson Explain This?

Maybe Sen. Ron Johnson can explain this vote.

The National Defense (NDAA) bill recently passed has a serious civil-liberties problem which has been described and decried--loudly--by a number of Conservative and Liberal groups.  The problem rests in Sec. 1021--which is why a few Congresscritters 'mistakenly' cite Sec. 1022 to defend their vote.

During debate of the bill, Sen Feinstein offered an amendment which would have stated that the bill's Section 1021 “does not include the authority to detain a citizen of the United States without trial until the end of hostilities.”

Senator Ron Johnson did not agree that civil rights were important.  Maybe he'd like to explain AND defend his position the next time he's on the radio-wavezzz with the usual folks here.


Billiam said...

That's section 1031, I believe.

Dad29 said...

B, the link gives me 1021.

Regardless, it's wrong-headed.