Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Republican-Hating Lawyer at SCOWI Today

Vince Megna, who announced that he will never again represent a Republican, will be looking for income today at SCOWI.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday is set to hear oral arguments in a lemon law case, the kind that prompted a new law that sets presumptive caps on attorney fees in those and other consumer law claims that allowed for "fee shifitng."

The lemon at issue was a Mercedes-Benz. The auto maker says it tried to provide Marco Marquez  a refund within 30 days as the law allows, but that Marquez stalled[That should sound familiar to the Lynch Chevrolet people, no?]

"If a consumer fails to act in good faith, the consumer is not entitled to the lemon law’s statutory remedies of double damages and attorney fees,"  the Court of Appeals said.

Most interesting.

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