Tuesday, November 08, 2011

State of Wis. Employees MAY Carry Concealed

Well, well.  This from D of Administration Huebsch:

Today I am announcing state policy on the recently-enacted concealed carry legislation for the Capitol and other state buildings. In short, Act 35 allows responsible, law-abiding citizens who have completed the proper training, obtained a license and who follow the provisions of the law, to carry a concealed weapon for their own protection. As Secretary of the Department of Administration it is my duty to implement this law as it applies to state facilities. Having worked with those who passed the concealed carry legislation - and the Governor who signed it into law -1 understand the legislative intent and the spirit of the law. Therefore, with limited exceptions, we will allow concealed carry in the Capitol and other state buildings. 

There are three areas where concealed carry will be prohibited. First, where State and Federal statutes prohibit carrying concealed in certain types of facilities, such as police stations, courts, schools and other such areas. Second, where there is a significant risk that the general population within or served by a facility could overcome a person carrying concealed; such facilities will be prohibited from concealed carry. Probation and parole offices, mental health institutions and other similar facilities meet these criteria. Third, we will prohibit concealed carry in areas where the inadvertent discharge of a weapon could create an explosion or chemical reaction. To alert individuals as to where they may and may not carry concealed, I have directed state facilities to post signs designating areas where concealed carry is not allowed.

So.  Be very polite, indeed, at those DMV offices.

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