Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Oh, Yah, Dodd-Frank Really Helps. NOT!

See how the Government "fixes stuff" for you?

Executives of Wal-Mart Stores Inc and McDonald's Corp say new U.S. rules limiting debit card processing fees will not cut their costs as much as they hoped, and could actually boost their expenses.

...McDonald's and other U.S. retailers that rely on a high volume of small dollar transactions could see an increase in their debit card processing costs, because prior debit costs for smaller purchases had lower fees

...for smaller, everyday purchases, executives said those costs will likely lead to price increases for consumers.

Donovan pointed to privately held DVD company Redbox, which raised prices on rentals at its movie kiosks to $1.20 from $1 as an example of rising consumer costs...

So.  Mommy Gummint screws you, again.

HT:  Enterprise Blog

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neomom said...

Gee, whoda seen this coming.....