Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Vote Fraud" in (D) '08 Indiana Race?

A very interesting little story.

Suspected fake petition pages to place Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot during the 2008 Indiana primary passed through the county voter registration office on days when the Republican head of the office was absent, The Tribune has learned.

At least 29 people swear that their 'signature' is forged.


Anonymous said...

Voter fraud exists, but it is NOT the scourge as (R)'s purport it to be. Pixie dust and unicorns!

Interesting how this story comes out now in light of several states passing laws to prevent voter fraud as to give it credibility and legitimacy.


TerryN said...

"Voter fraud exists"

So we should not address it because???

Cue the racists who believe minorities are not as capable or responsible as white people to obtain a friggin ID.

Anonymous said...

Read for meaning! Voter fraud exists, but not to the point that new laws ought to be enacted because it is a pervasive, rampant problem. Existing laws are sufficient.

Cue the (R's) who are conjuring up a problem to suit their own political agenda.