Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gee. The ChiComs Act Like Commies!

Some people keep telling us that the Commies running PRC are 'just like us' in matters of trade and commerce.

Except that the ChiComs happen to dislike the US

A new Pentagon report to Congress admits our military is critically dependent on Chinese-produced materials for high-end weaponry.  This dependency is a self-inflicted wound demonstrating a naiveté regarding Red China, a regime ready to leverage any advantage.
China produces 97% of all rare-earth elements (REE), 17 elements with unique magnetic properties critical for high-tech military equipment such as advanced fighters, lasers, precision-guided munitions and 21st century consumer technology, found in iPhones, wind turbines and X-ray machines.

Yes.  Clinton gave away the game a long time ago, giving PRC "Most Favored Nation" trade status.  Then Clinton allowed the PRC to purchase a US processor--which promptly closed the US facility. 

(Those were the good old days, eh?  Panetta, Hazel O'Leary (Energy), Tony Lake (NSC), Sandy Berger (Nat'l Sec Advisor), they all "missed" the PRC's stealing nuke-bomb secrets, too.)


neomom said...

I saw this coming over a decade ago as the Chinese were securing mineral rights all over the globe while the greenie-weenies were shutting down every opportunity for the US to use our own.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dad29 said...

Not just "stupid."

Clinton's SecDef was a PRChina fanboy. And there's a reason that Berger destroyed documents, too.

F&^k them.