Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Twenty Million Dollars for TWO Seats?

Gee.  You'd think that for $20 million or so--and all the vote-felonies--Da Yooooooonions would be able to pick up a bit more than 2 seats.

The (D)'s pulled 164,000 votes, or $120.00/vote.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry, Money is not an issue, thats what printing presses and Debt Ceiling increases are for!!!

Terrence Berres said...

On to the campaign to Almost Recall Walker!

Deekaman said...

Most of that money went to the Crown Jewel of recalls: Alberta Darling/Sandy Pasche. This is an unmitigated disaster for the left. Kapanke lost because he was lucky to win in the first place. Hopper lost, not because of Walker, but because he cheated on his wife.

Jim said...

How much did the Reps spend on their 4 seats?

Deekaman said...

If the Democrats hadn't set the incredibly stupid precedent of recall based on policy, the State Senators would not have had to spend anything, so it doesn't really matter what they spend to defend themselves.

Or are Republicans not allowed to spend campaign contributions to defend their seats against Democrat/union thuggery? wasn't nearly what the Democrat/union thugs spent.

Anonymous said...


"On to the campaign to Almost Recall Walker!"

May be the greatest one sentence comment I have ever seen on any blog.