Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obozo Elevates Self to MLK? Puh-Leez!

Having compared himself to Lincoln and Reagan, the Obozo now decides that he's really just like Martin Luther King.


Say what you like about MLK; he didn't spend all his public life talking about himself.


Jim said...

I think it would serve us all well to understand that the context of the president's remarks was that he will be dedicating the MLK Memorial in Washington DC on August 28th. He had flown over the memorial and called it "spectacular".

Referring to the fact that at last there would be a DC memorial to someone who was controversial in his day, he said,

"“Now that King has his own memorial on the Mall, I think that we forget when he was alive there was nobody who was more vilified, nobody who was more controversial, nobody who was more despairing at times, there was a decade following the great successes of Birmingham and Selma which was just struggle,” he said.

“What he understood, what kept him going was that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. But it doesn’t bend on its own… it takes time, and it is hard work and it has its frustrations.”

Nowhere in this is a comparison of himself to MLK. Such a comparison only exists in the one-track minds of the Obama haters.

neomom said...

Oh - BO is most certainly comparing his own "struggle" as President with that of MLK. The man's ego knows no bounds.

Dad29 said...

The usual racist-Lefty showed up and was deleted again.

Jim said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. Obama is clinically narcissistic.