Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Methodology of the Left

Oh, yes, there's a methodology.  In brief, it's the methodology of personal destruction.

It's applied to political enemies or ideological enemies.  Here we learn that the National "Catholic" Reporter--a rag read by almost no one--has (apparently) assigned one of its assassins to a priest.

For some time now I have been getting emails and phone calls from friends with reports that someone who writes for the National Catholic Reporter aka Fishwrap, Phyllis Zagano, has been sniffing around looking for dirt about me.  Zagano hasn’t always represented herself to them as a writer for the Fishwrap, of course.  She also called my mobile phone, and a land line I check. She has sent me emails with lists of questions, but without any adequate explanation of why she is asking them. Even on Sunday afternoon, yesterday, she left me a threatening voicemail....

There's quite a bit more at the link.

When you read Zagano's bio, it's a laundry-list application for membership in the Intellectualoid Club.

No surprise there, eh?

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