Tuesday, August 09, 2011

About Gay "Marriage" and Obozo Contraceptive Mandates

An excerpt from a sermon given by Ed. Walsh SJ on Thomas More with accompanying remarks by Fr. Schall:

“To all the attractive arguments this world can muster, long life, honor, riches, country estates and town-houses, power and influence, they returned the same answer that Christians in the Coliseum gave to Nero: ‘We cannot and we will not put any man’s favor above the law of God.’”

(Incidentally, how did More view his execution?

Addison observed that More’s “mirth” did not fail him in the end: “He [More] did not look upon the severing of his Head from his Body as a Circumstance that ought to produce any Change in the disposition of his Mind.”)

Fr. Schall goes on:

[This] call[s] our attention to the fact that this “ancient conflict” remains in our very midst. We see politicians casting their lots with Henry successors, with those who see nothing higher than the state that is now able and capable of enforcing issues of human worth far more aberrant than those with which More had to deal.

It is not just the head of the Chancellor that is being literally lopped off in our time. We hardly notice. We have politicians, Catholic ones, who implicitly side with Henry. The bishops? Let’s hope, we have more than one John Fisher. But Walsh was right; the issue is the same once we reduce it to principle.

So.  Who's the first John Fisher in the US?


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just found your blog. Liked the link to Father Schall.

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Fr S. is the best.