Friday, June 17, 2011

Vatican Humor

Noted at Rorate:

It reminds us of the quip one prelate is said to have made to Pope Saint Pius X on the difference between a Cardinal and a Pope - the Pope being "a Cardinal who no longer longs for the death of the Pope".


Also noted (non-Vatican but RC) from Fr Z:

I am reminded of the story about the Diocese of Lead, South Dakota, which was set up in 1902. Many bishops traveled from the East out to the wilderness to install the first bishop of Lead. They had a nice supper and everyone went back to the train station for their return to civilization. As the train pulled away from the platform and the prelates waving from the end car and windows could no longer be seen, silence fell. The new bishop turned to his secretary and said, “And they closed the tomb, and all withdrew.”

Lead? Does that town still exist?

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Al said...

Apparently it does:,_South_Dakota