Friday, June 17, 2011

Now That SBC's Less-Regulated....

Well. SBC was successful in the last legislative session. Now perhaps they could imitate this:

Last week, Santa Rosa-based Internet service provider rolled out a blazing fast new fiber optic network that will provide Sonoma County residents with the fastest residential Internet in the United States at an extremely competitive price.’s new offering blasts a hole in the arguments of “Net Neutrality” proponents who fear that ISPs will raise prices and limit quality Internet access without government regulation.’s fastest service package will be 1Gbps (gigabits per second) at only $70 a month, and will include two phone lines and unlimited long distance calls. It will also offer a 100 megabit per second connection for $40 a month, which will include one phone line and unlimited long distance calling.

That would be a serious reduction in cost for Wisconsin Bell/SBC customers.

HT: Hot Air

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John Foust said...

Considering they've already stopped the fiber-to-the-neighborhood build-out of U-Verse in WI, chances are slim they'll now decide to do fiber to the home.