Sunday, June 05, 2011

The "Fecal Matter" Criticism of Walker

It's hard to imagine the delicacy of the Leftist's "mind."

They are Oh, So Sensitive; so caring; soooooooo much more empathetic than rude, rustic, plebeian commoners like Scott Walker. So much more so that they can write a few hundred words about that crude, unwashed, base, Governor.

All about a painting.

Maybe Bice and the Sensitive Ones don't know this, but Milwaukee is not the only city in Wisconsin. And Milwaukee's children are not the only children in Wisconsin, either.

Dick Pieper's description of the Sensitive Ones' hand-wringing and fainting spells as "fecal matter" is dead-on.


Cindy K. said...

I see this as an admission by the left that they've lost every other argument, so now they have to feign outrage to get attention.

Next they'll be jumping all over us for actually flushing toilets after each use.

Deekaman said...

Funny how Walker (and the rest of us) are so "stupid", yet we defeat them at every turn. We are so "stupid" they've run out of real options.