Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Definitive Take on Sumi's "Decision"

Esenberg writes a gentlemanly essay on why Judge Sumi is 1) wrong; 2) wrong; and 3) wrong in her arrogation-of-powers decision.

It starts with Marbury, by the way--which is to say that the Legislature's action was not only licit, but backed by ~200 years of judicial precedent.

Until Sumi.


Anonymous said...

The definitive take as proferred by a CONSERVATIVE! But if you want to keep being delusional, be my guest!

Dad29 said...

Judge-ette Sumi confuses the Rule of Law with the Droolings of Judges.

And you call ME 'delusional.'

John Foust said...

I think Esenberg avoids responding to the commenters who make the sharpest points.