Monday, June 20, 2011

Corn-A-Holing You, Blowing Up Your Car, (and 2-Cycle) and Taking Out the King

Last week the Senate decided to eliminate subsidies for corn-holing you with ethanol.

Today Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) appeared on Sykes' show and put a dose of cold reality on top of the "Is ethanol gone?" fire.

While Sensenbrenner expects that the House and Senate will get together on dumping the subsidy, he's not so sure that Obama will sign on.

And Sensen is 100% certain that Obama and the Stasi/EPA will never, ever, kill the ethanol mandate, which is far more important than the subsidies.


Sensenbrenner expects that the Corn Queen, Lisa Jackson, will attempt to force an INCREASE in ethanol usage by pushing a 15%-content quota.

But if you drive an older car (built, say, before 2001), using that stuff will void your warranty. If your engine blows, you can eat cake, (not corn, which will be far too expensive by then.) Your engine will still be blown and if you want it fixed, call Lisa Jackson. See how far that gets you.


That "Stasi" reference was deliberate. Here's why:

When Carol Browner (Clinton's Stasi/EPA appointee) mandated ethanol for gasoline, Merc Marine and other 2-cycle engine manufacturers said they'd put up a fight because they weren't sure their engines could burn ethanol-mix in a 2-cycle.

Browner turned around and told Merc that 'If you don't shut up, I'll send 200 inspectors to your properties, your plants, your test facilities.....and we WILL find problems which you WILL remediate at great cost.'

Merc ducked the battle.

The conversation closed with a brief discussion between Sykes and Sensenbrenner about revolt against the King and the necessities for such to be successful.


steveegg said...

Minor point of order - the warranty is gone on 2001 models. The 10-year clock has run out.

Still, many cars made before 2010 can't use E15.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, ya work with what you have from recollection of a radio show.

Here's the scoop from the lawsuit to stop the E-15 mandate:

EPA’s own statute passed by Congress in 2007 states that fuels can’t be approved for the market that could cause any failures. Yet, E-15 has been shown to adversely affect engines in non-road products and later model year vehicles, cause emission failures and increase air pollution due to misfueling. Further, administrative records fail to demonstrate that even new model year motor vehicles (other than “flexible fuel vehicles”) would not be damaged and result in failures when run on E-15


steveegg said...

I seem to remember that.

Quick flashback - the two car companies with the biggest flex-fuel fleets were...

GM and Chrysler. Coincidence they're pushing us to their models?