Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walker Should Defend "Registry" Law

Malor at AOSHQ has a long-ish post on the question of 'whether to defend Wisconsin's registry law.'

I agree with Malor. First off, it's not immediately obvious that the registry law is "substantially similar" to marriage. Secondly, it's the law, even though it's hard to imagine a more misguided and un-serious Legislature and Governor (the (D) bunch and Doylet) who could enact it.

Finally, and most serious: the precedent is dangerous. Obama was wrong to dump DOMA defense, and Walker should not be playing tit-for-tat with rule-of-law questions. Rule-of-law is in enough trouble.


Anonymous said...

I am going to rape Capper. IN THE ASS!

wolskerj said...

Wow. Advocating a position based on principle rather than on emotion, desired outcome, or immediate political advantage - what a strange and novel concept.

Who let you guys near a keyboard?

But, yeah, let's not sink as low as our President.

John Foust said...

Still haven't found a way to install the Google Analytics, hmm Dad29? There are ways of learning the IP addresses.

Anonymous said...

Well, John, if you read Dad29's "simple prayer" post, apparently the deranged anony is taking that advice.

The Christians I know would be up in arms about such comments. Apparently, some who claim to be bound by the tenets of the good book are...hypocrites. Sobering, indeed.