Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Grand a Night?

So the mucketymuck at IMF is accused of felony sex assault.

What I want to know is this:

How much does the US taxpayer contribute to the IMF's travel-expense budget?

Because I think IMF could find accommodations for less than $3K/night. Maybe the poor slobs will have to stay in New Jersey?


Paul - Berry Laker said...


There's a lot of fat to be cut. This is a good example.

I know blogger was down but we were getting worried about you. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Hope these links help answer your questions about the IMF.

IMF Scandal Highlights U.S. As Largest Contributor
Fact: "With $340 billion in its coffers—18% of it from the U.S. government"

"The IMF Is Ushering America Into Bankruptcy" by Tom Leppert

(I just could not reist the temptation with this Photo)

Photo Title: "Giving Advise on how to handle the hotel staff when in France"
Another "Birds of a feather" moment?
Link to Photo:

Tim Morrissey said...

My wife is in NYC on biz several times a year, stays at a very nice, safe hotel in mid-town Manhattan which runs $237 a night.

It's not the Sofitel but it's more than sufficient for any BUSINESS traveller.