Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Scumbag Kloppenburg Campaign

SCOWI candidate Kloppenburg continues to pay lying campaign management.

Also approves scumbag-stupid "objections" because a plastic bag ripped.

Observers for Assistant Attorney Gen. JoAnne Kloppenburg objected this morning to the security of bags holding Supreme Court ballots from the City of Brookfield because of a gap opening on the ballot bags. Similar objections have been raised four to five times in Waukesha County since the start of recount...

Imagine that. A plastic bag that has a hole in it after 5-10 relocations around Brookfield and Waukesha County.

Sykes is of the opinion that this parade of Kloppenburg-paid scumbags will attempt to invalidate the City of Brookfield's results based on such crap, just as they invalidated 18 votes in Sauk County.

Being a scumbag is its own reward, eh?


Amy said...

So then what do we do? How to we respond to this blatant disenfranchising of actual, legitimate voters (as opposed to the imaginary ones the left is concerned about)?


'Cause I'm past that point...I'm sick of this B.S.

Doesn't Kloppenburg have some ruby slippers to chase after?

Deekaman said...

@Amy: She certainly hasn't been the same since that house fell on her sister.

Mercurial Minnow said...

What you should do is try reading a few legitimate news sources and maybe the state statutes governing Wisconsin election law. Election procedures are non-partisan and were in place long before this election. Kloppenburg would not be able to do any of the things you stated above just because she's a mean ugly lady. Kloppenburg has followed the letter of the law throughout the process and the decision as to the validity of her objections will be decided by a Wisconsin Judge, not the Kloppenburg campaign. She is doing nothing Prosser wasn't prepared to do if the roles were reversed. In fact, Prosser lawyered up first and got the best: the attorney who 'disenfranchised' (your word) 1000s of Florida voters to give the presidency to Mr. Bush, who lost the popular vote both in Florida and nationwide.
Fact is, while you heap derision on Kloppenburg's shoulders, she is not the one who will have disenfranchised actual legitimate voters if those bags are not counted: Wisconsin law has a procedure in place to secure ballots. The legal remedy if that procedure is not followed is to invalidate the ballots. It is the city and county clerks' job to follow the law and secure the ballots. They are the responsible party: Kloppenburg is merely the messenger. And, as it turns out, I don't have much sympathy for anyone in Waukesha who voted for Nickolaus but are now complaining about the possibility of their votes not being counted. She has been cited for years by the GAB for sloppy procedure, warned for years that she was jeopardizing her county's votes. These stories were not a secret to anyone: yet Waukesha continued to vote her into office. What you should do is make sure the clerks working for you are doing their jobs up to your standards (that would be in accordance with state law if you want your votes counted) and get rid of them if they aren't.

Dad29 said...


Disenfranchise Brookfield?

Only a fool would try.

Many have mentioned that it's odd: NOW the Left adopts the "rules are rules" attitude which NEVER applied to vote-fraud schemes of ACORN, etc.

IOW, stick it in your ass. Or disenfranchise Brookfield. It'll be fun to watch the results when Kloppy's scuzzbucket Hotz tries it.

Dad29 said...

Finally: it is your claim, born in your fever-deluded 'brain,' that there was tampering.

The vote-total comparisons will prove otherwise.

Fever-delusions cannot be cured through continuing use of mind-altering drugs.

Anonymous said...

The minnow ought to explain why the same broken bags in Dane county are not being objected to by the scumbag Joanne Kloppenburg and her union handlers.

Hint: What's the difference between Dane and Waukesha counties?