Thursday, May 05, 2011

"Lawyer" Bill Hotz

Kloppenburg hired and continues to approve the actions of somebody named Bill Hotz.

Hotz was an attorney with the old St Francis Savings, then with a couple larger lawfirms in Milwaukee.

He's also a complete ass.

Bill Hotz, a representative for JoAnne Kloppenburg's campaign, objected to opening the bags, saying there was no way to know if they were secure and untampered

There's an easy way to find out, jackass. Determine the total number of Brookfield votes; compare that number to the number reported on election night. Same for the number of votes for Prosser and Klburg. If the numbers all match, then there's no problem.

Unless Hotz wants to claim that the City of Brookfield's clerk allowed the entire City's votes to be altered on election night.


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By any means necessary...