Monday, May 09, 2011

The Pubbies Go All GirlyGirl

What the hell's the matter with Ryan? And the bozo from Michigan?

... Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) is declaring the fight to repeal Obamacare over. That’s right. He’s giving up. They won’t pick a fight.

If that were not stupid enough, Camp said that “Instead … the GOP would turn its focus to overturning the most controversial portion of that legislation: the mandate requiring individuals to buy insurance.”

And Ryan pulls his punch, too:

...House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) also played a part by opining publicly that it’s now unlikely that any debt deal this summer will include the wholesale Medicare changes that had been envisioned in his ambitious budget plan adopted just last month....

Umnnhhh...Mr. Camp, you do not KNOW what the Senate will do with ObozoCare. Perhaps you forgot, but many of them have to defend their seats in less than 2 years. And, frankly, why do you CARE what the US Senate does?

As to Paul Ryan: same riposte, different page. Makes no difference what the Senate, or the President, does. YOUR job is to fix the damn spend/debt problem.

Do it.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, the golden boy, stripped of his tinsel. And you were singing his praises several months ago.

Dad29 said...

We'll see what happens.

Just like Obama the Killer President, it could be a slip or something.

Billiam said...

One party, two heads. There isn't that much difference between the two any more. They'll both destroy America. They'll just do it a different way. And they wonder why people don't trust them.

Anonymous said...

I am going to rape Anonymous until he dies of septic shock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input, deranged anony 5:05 p.m. And thanks, Dad29, for continuing to allow him/her/it to advocate sodomy.

John Foust said...

Dad29 has yet to explain why he allows the repeated rape comments to stand for days at a time. It's not as if he hasn't seen them.

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
Dad29 does not believe in censorship like you obviously do and if you don't like how he runs his blog you are free to go else where and "pound salt".

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:27 a.m., it has nothing to do with censorship, it has everything to do with being a good Christian.

Promoting sodomy? Sin.

Purposely calling for the harm of another human being? Sin.

If the commenter had talked about his own family in this manner, the post would be removed. Immediately. And for good reason.
But since it is an ideological opponent, Dad29 apparently could not care less. And that is hypocrisy, and He will judge.

If Dad29 revealed his true identity, and I'm not saying he should, do you think his congregation if they found out would approve of his words and actions which run counter to God?

John Foust said...

Is it a question of censorship? I think blog owners can make their own decisions, by and large. Dad29 appears to be allowing some comments but zapping others. He claims he can't track the offenders. Must he answer anyone's questions? Of course not. If he's inviting the public to respond to his posts, what's wrong with visitors asking questions?

But yes, Dad29 appears to enjoy his position as a moral authority, and it would make anyone wonder why he leaves some comments.

Anonymous said...

John Foust doesn't allow comments on Boots and Kittens.

John Foust is a hypocrite.

John Foust said...

Then Boots and Kittens isn't really a blog, is it? So where's the hypocrisy, Anony?