Sunday, May 08, 2011

City of Brookfield Vote Finals

City of Brookfield vote finals (recount) are in.

Prosser gains three, Klutzobug gains one.

IOW, not only was the vote total within .00027 of the reported total, so was the vote split.

It will take a VERY unique judge to determine that "tampering" happened here.

But there's Sumi, of course. She'll be happy to assume command of the entire State of Wisconsin. Damn the Legislature, damn the Governor, damn the voters, full speed ahead.


Amy said...

If they try to toss the Waukesha Co votes, every single Republican in the state should consider any SCOWI ruling w/ Klopp on the bench non-binding and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I thought by now Dad29 would have remembered his legal beatdown by Illy-T regarding the botched efforts by the Van Hollen and company and the diligent work by Sumi. Guess not.

All the legislature has to do is pass the bill again. Simple. What are the Wisco "girly girl" Republicans waiting for? They have the votes. They have the "mandate". Do it.

Dad29 said...

IllyT beats, but not "down."

Off, maybe.

His analysis was wrong; his conclusion is wrong.

And there are important issues within the case which SHOULD be tried.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my, that comment will cost you some money at the till this Sunday, Dad29.

Anonymous said...

"IllyT beats, but not "down."

Off, maybe."

Ah, I see you remain, as ever, full of class, Dad.

On the other hand, between that reference to masturbation and your unintentionally hilarious posts about John Boehner getting "Boehned," I daresay that your blog is a goldmine of penis jokes.

Well done.

John Foust said...

What is this, Boots and Sabers?