Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Chocolate or Fudge CCW Bills?

Both flavors are delightful, of course.

...Rep. Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and Sen. Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) released two bills Wednesday they wrote together, both of which go much further than past versions of the bill that have gotten traction in the Legislature.

...One bill would allow people to carry concealed weapons without having to obtain a permit from the state. Guns and other weapons would be banned from police stations and other law enforcement offices; jails and prisons; courthouses; school grounds; airports beyond security checkpoints; and any government building that has electronic weapons screening and a place for people to store their weapons.

...The second piece of legislation would require those who wish to carry concealed weapons to get permits from the state. The permits would be issued to anyone 21 and over who was not barred from carrying weapons, such as felons.

The permits would be good for five years and cost up to $65. Renewals would cost up to $40.

The restrictions on where the guns could be carried would be the same as the other bill, but it would also allow businesses to prohibit people from carrying guns in their facilities. Local governments could also bar guns in their buildings.

Actually, the "permit required" bill would have one practical advantage: when traveling through other States, you'd have something to show an LEO in case there was a need to show something, ya know.

I'm not all that enthused about "training" requirements. The folks I know who have handguns have made it a point to learn all about them; conversely, people with lots of "training" have made errors in gun-handling. IOW, "training" ain't the Golden Ticket to Nirvana.


Anonymous said...

I've taken the Florida and Idaho CC
coarses they teach you that there is more to just carring a weapon.
What happens before,during and after the use of a gun, The handling of a gun in close quarters
what to do after a shooting,what to do and say when when the police arrive, what will happen legally after its use
Haven taken the coarse is not a ticket to nirvana but it sure taught me what will happen if I ever have to use my weapon in self defense. The hands on training in close quarters is alot different than plinking at targets at the range,its fast personal and in your face. Like it or not I think everyone that wants to carry should do a little studying

Dad29 said...

Most training, unless used, is forgotten in 12 months or less.

And more important: armed self-defense in Milwaukee is not really going to happen a lot.

As you know from your coursework, the best self-defense is to walk or run away from dangerous situations.

As to "after-action" things to do: call a lawyer and shut up.

There. Now you're trained up.