Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wrong Move, LEO

Talk about dumb moves....

Sergeant William Palmer, the Minneapolis Police Department Spokesman, is under investigation for assaulting Joel Rosenberg, a local self-defense activist, in the waiting room of the office of Timothy Dolan, Minneapolis Police Chief. this afternoon, at approximately 130PM.

Apparently Rosenberg was there (by appointment) to discuss some data-practices related issue.

So Rosenberg takes off his sportcoat and Officer Palmer notices a gun.

...Palmer leaped at him, laid hands on him without lawful authority or Rosenberg's consent, and removed one of Rosenberg's pistols, "sweeping", or momentarily pointing it, at Rosenberg as he moved to unload it.

Yah, well. Seems that Rosenberg literally wrote the book on Minnesota's concealed-carry law, which does NOT outlaw CC in the cop shop.

Oh, well. Sgt. Palmer will be reviewing practices other than data over the next several months.

(And Palmer did NOT see a snubbie, nor 2 of the 3 knives Rosenberg was legally carrying.)

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