Monday, November 15, 2010

Who in Hell is "GOProud"?

So GOProud represents--what--about 3% of the US population, and they're now in charge of legislative priorities, eh? The Libertarian Party gets, what...10% of the vote wherever they try? Who in Hell are these people?

This weekend GOProud and some “Tea Partiers” decided to tell the GOP to put SoCons in the back of the bus.

The same "message" is being sent to Governor Walker and the (R) Wisconsin legislature, by the way.

"Limited Gummint" means just that, of course. States do have powers which should not be arrogated by the Feds, including marriage law. So Wisconsin's Constitution will prevail.

And reducing the impact of the Feds is part of "limited Gummint."

So both the Feds and the State should zero out abortion-funding. Period. The State can zero-out birth-control grants, too. THAT is "limited Gummint." THAT is "reducing spending." The Feds should cut all funding for all programs which promote or support alternative lifestyles--which is budget-cutting AND "limited Government."

The State can, and should, zero-out sex-ed in the public schools. That is budget-conscious AND it is "limited Gummint." If a District wants to fund sex-ed, let them.

And the Feds and the State should zero-out embryonic stem-cell research. That's "limited Gummint" and budget-responsible. If private industry wants to pick up the funding, let them.

Hey. You want less Gummint and less spending, right?

HT: RedState

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