Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sykes: "STOP WORK" Order on ChooChoo

Charlie reports that he's gotten leaked emails from HNTB (the engineering firm) to its employees.

The emails (in essence) say STOP WORK on the Wisconsin ChooChoo.

Somebody got a message.


Deekaman said...

the Urinal is reporting that it's "for a few days". We'll see.

Dan said...

I'm surprised. Being a lame duck who doesn't care about elections anymore, I am surprised Doyle stopped the work. But don't be surprised if he resumes the work and then a lawsuit will soon follow, I believe.

Deekaman said...

Had that conversation with someone tonight. The thought is that the threat of lawsuits was put out there immediately, hence the backing off. I'm told Gov-elect Walker was lawyered up for this type of eventuality a while ago.