Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Rumor Mill? Or Just the Usual Counterspy Stuff?

You decide.

Posted, unattributed (doh) by Vox.

"I'm not claiming to know anyone important, just a bunch of old denizens of DC. Mostly they're mid-level retired military who've found themselves a cozy life (that means $100Gs plus and their pensions) in the bureaucracy. Other "Ilk" will probably confirm what's being said. I've been hearing for six months that Obama is erratic, irrational, and paranoid (he may have reason for that last one). It's rumored the Democratic Leadership and the press have been covering this up since the night he was elected (something happened that night and there's lots of different stories) but he's gotten much worse. Every word he utters is canned and without a trace of spontaneity and this is being attributed to his use Anti-depressants... and worse.

More at the link.

It's common practice to assassinate- by whisper campaign. Obviously, this President has enemies, both Left and Right. And the Established Ones referred to in that whisper could be either, both, or none of the above.

And they might not exist; of they might be actual real-live foreign agents.

You decide.


Deekaman said...

Until there's hard evidence, I still think he's just a narcissistic Socialist.

J. Strupp said...

You should rename this blog entry:

Rumor Mill? Or complete bullshit?

Dad29 said...

I could do that, Struppster.

But the "you decide" was left there for a reason. I tend to agree with your take.

And Deekaman's.

What IS interesting is the 'who' and 'why' of this stuff getting around.