Monday, November 15, 2010

Rick Perry of Texas

Bet you didn't know that Perry was a Democrat at one time, eh?

He's written a book which is not exactly Democrat Party friendly. But that's OK. He doesn't have all that much good to say about GWBush, either.

...What readers will find here instead of the usual polemic, memoir, or autobiography is a book of ideas and history, along with a call to arms for other governors in both parties to step up and defend their states from Washington’s overreach.

(Let's hope that Governor Walker isn't too busy fixing the Doylet he'll inherit.)

...Perry also explains in exhaustive detail how the current imbalance, particularly between the all-powerful federal government and the enfeebled states, is curtailing liberty and bankrupting the country.

FWIW, the link was SO busy that I couldn't get Page Two of the review to load.

Must be a damn good book.

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Deekaman said...

Perry's a "Dick". They hate him in Texas, but he's always been better than the alternative.