Friday, November 12, 2010

Need Gasoline? Don't Ask Obama & Co.

Yah, that Gulf petroleum? Fuggedaboutit.

President Obama lifted his moratorium on deepwater oil drilling nearly a month ago, but the government still hasn't issued any new permits in the Gulf of Mexico.

And most analysts say permits will be slow in coming through 2011.

...Even if a few permits come through, analysts say it will be a far cry from the amount issued pre-spill.

"We're not holding our breath for a return to business as usual," Whitney Stanco, and energy analyst at the Washington Research Group, wrote in a recent research note. "Despite pressure from Gulf state lawmakers and the oil and gas industry, we believe permitting in 2011 will likely be slower than it has been in recent years."

When The Regime finishes its destruction of the US economy, you won't need gasoline, anyway.


jimspice said...

I wouldn't have thought you'd be a fan of the Darwin Awards. Too sciencey. Perhaps something more biblical like the She Bear Awards in honor of the taunters of Elisha.

jimspice said...

I have no idea how my comment ended up in the wrong post. Hmmm.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Hmmmmm, slightly ironic.