Friday, November 05, 2010

Higher Taxes By Another Name

Same old crap from the LeftyPSC.

Wisconsin’s energy efficiency programs would receive increased funding from electricity ratepayers in the next four years under a proposal adopted Thursday by the state Public Service Commission.

The state's Focus on Energy program has been reallocating its budget to meet the heavy demand for energy-efficiency services from the business community, according to the PSC.

Oh, really? Businesses are demanding paid-for energy-efficiency services?

Under the proposal, funding for energy-efficiency programs would expand to $120 million in 2011 from $100 million this year, with the goal of expanding incentives aimed at reducing energy bills.

Funding would then increase to $160 million in 2012, $204 million in 2013, and $256 million in 2014, under the PSC proposal.

How very special.

Tellyawhat. Decrease business taxes and tell "business" to buy their own energy-efficiency services.

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