Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Ever More Irrelevant Bill Kraus

Heard a promo this morning; seems that WPR will interview Bill Kraus, who was Lee Dreyfus' spokescritter back in the day.

Waaaaayyyyyyyy back in the day.

Anyhoo, if you believe the promo, Kraus is unhappy with political talk of "Forebears" and much prefers "ideas."

I guess that means that our forebears didn't have ideas, eh? At your age, Bill, that's not a very smart thing to propose.

P-Mac also has relevant notes. Among them: that Priebus 'gets it,' (unlike Kraus).

...weak showings in other states, say tea party critics, especially on the left, just goes to prove that the movement for lower taxes and restrained government is a loser. They suggest Republicans jettison it.

This is nonsense. The constant in Senate races that Republicans lost was weak candidacies. Tea partiers were the variable. For their upside, see Wisconsin.

...The teafolk brought conviction, by the pickup-truck load. Wisconsin Republican boss Reince Priebus said as much at Governor-elect Scott Walker's victory party Tuesday: "I appreciate the fact the tea partiers kicked the butt of the Republican Party." The movement, he said, reminded the party of its principles.

Yah. "Principles." You know, stuff that came from forebears.

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neomom said...

Whoda thunk it? Wisconsin rejected progressivism.