Friday, November 05, 2010

The Empty Mind and Suit: McConnell

Maybe this poor old fella can just retire.

On energy, the president said he’s for nuclear power, we’re for nuclear power. The president said he’s for clean-coal technology, we’re for clean-coal technology. There is bipartisan enthusiasm for things like plug-in hybrid cars, reducing carbon emissions by automobile changes, those are areas of potential cooperation. --McConnell

IOW, Mitchie-boy, you think adding another $1K to the price of a car to get another 1/2 MPG is a "bi-partisan" goal? Really?

He squished and wiggled about earmarks, noting that if there are no earmarks, the President gets to spend money wherever he wants.

That's the point, Mitchie-Poo. Let that happen. It makes for great 2012 campaign fodder.

Even more important, Responsible People can reduce funding both before AND after Barry the RabbleRousing Socialist spends the money.

HT: Beltway Confidential

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