Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do Business in Milwaukee? Are You Nuts?

We all know why Milwaukee County Supervisor Lipscomb doesn't like this.

Supervisor Theo Lipscomb, who chairs the County Board's Committee on Economic and Community Development, has concerns about Milwaukee School of Engineering's proposed parking structure and athletic field.

The $30 million project would be built in the Park East area, on 2.5 acres north of E. Knapp St. and west of N. Broadway, that MSOE would buy from the county.

Is it because he opposes parking? No, although cars are not in the LeftOWackies' world-plan.

Is it because MSOE failed to make obeisance to Lord Lipscomb before announcing its plan? No, although that certainly didn't help.

I'll spell it out for you: K-E-R-N. Some money is just too damned Conservative to be spent on major enhancements to Downtown Milwaukee.


RAG said...

Milwaukee is like the Titanic where the band keeps playing while the ship is sinking. Before more $$ gets put in new stuff, the present infrastructure needs fixing and the cancer needs to be cut out of decaying neighborhoods. It's time for the residents of those neighborhoods to seize more responsibility for their communities. Washington or Madison can't solve their problems.

Deekaman said...

"Milwaukee...It's the New Detroit."