Monday, November 08, 2010

Child Welfare Costs, Milwaukee/Dane Counties


Folks in Dane County are getting a little nervous. As soon as the population there exceeds 500,000, they will get poorer.

A LOT poorer.

Dane County is on the verge of reaching 500,000 population in Census numbers expected to be released early next year, and that would make it subject to about 160 state laws that were written to apply to Milwaukee County...

One of the laws would put Dane County’s child welfare system under state control and require the county to pay the state nearly $59 million.

What makes that interesting? The fact that Dane County only pays $20 million for child-welfare services now.

Does this mean that Milwaukee County has 300% of the child-welfare caseload of Dane County?

Or does it mean that Milwaukee County is .......ahhh.........overpaying?

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