Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Best One-Liner of Last Night

Returning from Madistan, I was tuned into 560/WIND out of Chicago.

(Yup. Bucks BB wasn't of interest, and 1130 only reaches to...oh...Delafield, or something.)

Their election-night panel included Betsy Hart, a (R) operative-turned-columnist.

Her assessment of the political scene included a reference to the Massive Fail of the GWB/(R) Congress; she stated that "they were spending like drunken sailors."

Next out of her mouth:

"....until Obama came along and re-defined 'drunken sailor'".

My apologies to all sailors, everywhere, going back to Odysseus...and I'm sure that Ms. Hart will apologize as well.


TerryN said...

Like Reagan said, "At least drunken sailors spend there own money."

Badger Catholic said...


RAG said...

YOU were allowed inside the Isthmus surrounded by reality???

Dad29 said...


I pose as a church musician.

WOrks every damn time it's tried.