Monday, September 13, 2010

For Jeremy Shown

This primary is important.

All that I've read about Mark Neumann is generally positive; he's conservative, likeable, and understands the problems that Wisconsin faces.

But Walker has, ironically, the trump card for this primary: experience in arm-wrestling--and defeating--Darth Vader.

While this is the 'year of the outsider' for most races around the country, there are exceptions to the rule. The Governor's race is one of them. Wisconsin's budget is a labyrinth, and knowing how and where to cut spending (and which agencies, commissions, and Departments) is critical. I wish it were otherwise. I favor the KISS principle, but that Razor doesn't work in all cases, and this is one where experience counts.

Walker did it in Milwaukee County. The job is hardly complete, but merely turning the Milwaukee Titanic away from the iceberg was Herculean. Actually making a significant course-change will take several more years of effort.

The State's problems are similar, but with more zeros left of the dot. It is a 3-term project for any Governor to reverse the damages of Doyle and his predecessor, who increased State employment by FIFTY PERCENT in his 4 terms. Remember that?

We're in a new era; the State and the country both have overspent their incomes and prospects. Neumann and Walker both get it.

But Walker wounded the Dragon. Experience counts.


John said...

With all due respect Walker did not do it in Milwaukee County. He said all the right things and did all the right things without accomplishing anything. He is very good at blaming other people, but the fact is that Milwaukee County is one of the worst counties in the country when it comes to jobs. He is a good conservative and will do what the party tells him to do, but he's not an effective leader.

Yeah, the County Board is democrat, but he's going to have to work with the legislature in Madison. When I look at the situation, I don't see him being effective in Madison... I see him finding a whole new set of excuses and people to blame.

Dad29 said...

Gee, a Concern Troll.

Reducing County employment by 20%, reducing County debt by 10%, maintaining taxes (as far as possible) at 0% increase....

Yah, that's just nothing.


Cindy Kilkenny said...

Wait a minute. I thought Walker was to be lauded because his tax increases were due to taking on more responsibility, but now there's been a 20% reduction in staffing?

Call me confused, but my intuition is sending of alarms. Those numbers are incongruent.

Dad29 said...

No, they're not.

But then, not ALL budget is personnel, Cindy.

John said...

Dad29 -- those are Walker talking points. I looked at the budgets, and I could not figure out what he was talking about. Please provide the number of employees in 2002 and the number of employees now, as well as the personnel budget. Also, please provide the debt in 2002 and the debt now (preferably WITHOUT the federal stimulus money).

If you can't provide the actual numbers and where those numbers come from, I'm afraid that you may be guilty of spreading an unprovable talking point.

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Dad -

Duly noted and if on 9/15 Walker is the nominee, so be it. I'll be ready to join the team and not just because the alternative is so horrendous.

PS - I think Cindy did misread the title. I took it as a compliment. Keep 'em coming!

Dad29 said...

I stole those from Fraley.

Argue with him, John.