Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Crime? Who Cares?"--Obama & Co.

Having succeeded in thoroughly alienating 60% of the population by ramming ObamaCare down their throats (FEINGOLD CONCURRING), the Obama Administration now plans to release a bunch of Federal criminals on the public.

This is certainly good politics, no?

...the Obama White House has taken the first steps in decades to move away from a strict lock-‘em-up mentality on crime – easing sentences for crack cocaine possession, launching a top-to-bottom review of sentencing policies and even sounding open to reviewing guidelines that call for lengthy prison terms for people convicted of child pornography offenses.

So far, they've managed to reduce sentences for crack-cocaine users!

Obama's Boyzzz are convinced that long sentences have NOTHING to do with the decrease in the crime rate.


HT: Ace

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