Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Iran's Terrorist Connections

Just as a footnote to earlier posts (Babbin on "Nation-Building" Fantasies and Babbin on Iran), here's a far more lengthy and extensively-sourced item on why Iran should be decapitated.

I'm sure that my 'anonymous' gadfly-commenter can get through this article. There are pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow, all for me, thanks! I always liked picture books. And on the Internet to boot? Whee!

Newton's Third Law--For every force there is an equal and opposite force.

Sure, let's have the United States attack Iran and Syria right now. Should we dare hope that Iranian opposition leaders to Mahmoud Ahmadinejan and the theocracy simply stand aside or even contribute to our cause? This assessment constitutes a gross misjudgment of social forces inside that country. Regardless if ordinary Iranians are upset with the mullahs, an American attack would likely trigger fierce nationalism.

So, a distinct possibility the opposition to the existing Iranian leadership would rally behind a wartime government against foreign aggression, and lead other Middle Easterners to rise up against American interventionism. Tehran has confirmed it will use ballistic missiles against Israel and target American military facilities in the region.

Bingo! Military escalation and all out war. And we all know that Israel has stated it will use nukes to defend its sovereignty.

Far-reaching implications under Babbin's scenario.

Not opposed, however, if certain Iranian leaders had an untimely demise through covert operations.

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No commentary from the peanut gallery?

This gadfly making too much sense?


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frankly, you've joined another combox-cruiser on my "ignore" list.