Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Revenue Sources for Wisconsin

Christian Schneider has 10 ideas to raise revenues for the State of Wisconsin.

I'd like to add one.

For $500.00, one gets to slap the s*&^ out of any Legislator. This license will not be limited to one/year; purchase multiple licenses and enjoy yourself in the Chambers as many times as you like. (There is a drawback: it will take a VERY long time to slap all the s&^% out of such creatures as Nelson and Risser. Choose carefully.)

For $1,000.00, take on any Governor. No bag limit--but the fee must be paid for each one, each occurrence.

My projection: $25 million in revenues first-year.

Bonus: many Leggies would quit prior to license-issuance!


John Foust said...

Wow. Who else do you slap when you don't like what they're saying?

Jay Bullock said...

You really get off on violence, don't you?


John Foust said...

You forgot "Buy more ammo!", Jay.

Makes me want to make another donation to my local domestic violence agency.