Friday, August 06, 2010

Feingold's ObamaCare Vote

Sure he voted for ObamaCare. He's part of the Herd, after all.

So exactly what "benefits" did Feingold vote for?


ObamaCare mandates that insurers spend a certain percentage of premium dollars on benefits, but Democrats never got around to writing the fine print of what counts as a benefit. So a handful of regulators are now choosing among the tens of thousands of services that doctors, hospitals and insurers offer.

Rusty cares for you, but he didn't have time to specify exactly HOW he cares.



Tim Morrissey said...

He was busy protecting Lake Michigan from all that drilling Ron Johnson wants to do. (He said, his voice dripping with satire....)

Jim said...

Wait a minute! I thought that the 2,000 page bill was too long already.

What's your problem!?

Most laws are written to include a rule writing body to create the specific details. Why would something as complex as health care be different?